Monthly Archives: October 2009

Is this really the Lost Generation?

Does the recent labeling of the current crop of school and college leavers as “the lost generation” have merit? or are there more relevant and appropriate labels. There is almost a feeling of having labeled them we can give up on them and move onto the “next generation” Before we even contemplate this irresponsible action there is an anonymous quote we need to consider ” the definition of madness is to keep doing what we are doing and expect a different result”

Lost also seems to imply the fault lies in some way with them rather than societies failure to support this “generation” more responsibly. Furthermore it suggests a temporary state as “those that are lost will be found” – if we can find them, how?; if we do find them, what should we do with them?

So perhaps we should wake up to the reality – they are not lost, they have simply been neglected and failed!

This generation and their parents and guardians entered into a “social contract” that saw them take on significant debt in return for a means of repaying this debt – in simple terms – a job.

The government, education and commerce needs to look to the future and take a more active collaborative approach to educating and training the next generation before we repeat the same mistake again.