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Why wygu?

So I have been convinced to start a blog! This will be a place for my thoughts around mentoring, social mobility and why so many people are in accidental careersĀ  – and what we can do to help this. People say that perception is reality, I’ve come to the conclusion that reality is no longer as important as perceptions as these are the things that create artificial barriers that limit our ambitions and achievements. These perceptions are created within the communities we grow up in and become the greatest contributor to what the Government now term social mobility. I love quotes and to kick off my new found pastime of blogging I must include one of my favorites

“A persons mind once stretched by a new idea never returns to its former dimensions”

The challenge of course with this is finding or opening peoples minds to be receptive to new ideas and to remove the shackles of nurture’s perceptions that often form beliefs that are close to impossible to change. These beliefs are illustrated in simple every day occurrences where children follow the same team’s as their father’s and vote in the same way as their parents – reverse engineering our validations to justify what has been subtle or even subliminal conditioning. Therefore to change peoples perceptions that limit their ambitions or achievements we have to provide a direct support mechanism through education and mentoring that will open and stretch their minds to new ideas and opportunities.

These are the areas I will be exploring in my blog over the coming months.